Okay, this dude is ghetto!

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barabarijus (9 years ago)
no brains :/
saladmaster2 (10 years ago)
If that was my car, his a$$ would have became part of the pavement! I would have ran over his guetto behind!!
jirstan2 (11 years ago)
This is why many states have concealed carry laws. Nuff said.
M3LADO (11 years ago)
this is why crack is illegal
babegurltasha (11 years ago)
HRKING (12 years ago)
thgi (12 years ago)
ats right nigga show em b*tches how its done:D
chirrisman (12 years ago)
hahahah this sh*t is funny!
ss_wrestler171 (13 years ago)
Its this kinda of bastard that needs a f*ckin bullet straight between the eyes. Some one do society a favor and get rid of this son of a b*tch. Jail isn't the answer. Some one just put this crazy a$$ worthless piece of sh*t 6 feet under and don't even give him a second thought. What the f*ck did he just prove......honestly."oh im tuff sh*t, look at me, im gonna f*ck up this old ladys car and make her fear for her life while im doing it, this is my corner biotch" Stupid a$$ people thesedays, and im just a freakin kid in high school. If i were in that car, id been a whole nother story, the video would have a happy ending with a that crazy bastard dead
xmario9x (13 years ago)
Damn! Crazy a$$ b*tch
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