Ghetto Wrestling Ring

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crawley725 (6 years ago)
My buddies and I used to do this shit in the backyard and in a ring. Check out for more info. and a piece of advice for anyone attempting to do this. DON'T. I suffer from chronic back pain and a slew of other things. It's not worth it.
ratmanjr (9 years ago)
the best part is they're too stupid to not know how to hurt themselves....
nabil (9 years ago)
fking awsum guys.
Blaze264 (10 years ago)
2 years later.
wrestiling9 (10 years ago)
i wrestle and im a girl this vidio is alsome u guys rox!!!!!!!!
freeman1967 (12 years ago)
whats the song thats playing
Blaze264 (12 years ago)
make another one!
DarkMaster (12 years ago)
ok, ill give it to them.......there hot a$$ moves make up for the dumb a$$, low budget ring. there moves were better then the real BYW.
H-dog (12 years ago)
H-dog (12 years ago)
Ok I am a bit of a backyard wrestler myself and this has to be some of the best stuff I have ever seen...very very good matches here...2 thunbs up you guys:D
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