A Call To Arms

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bobjib573 (12 years ago)
By they way, I KNOW the dollar has lots of pretty pictures of American buildings and people on it and that neat little treasury stamp but saying the dollar is printed, owned or controlled by the treasury department is like saying Arthur Anderson controlled Enron. They were an accounting firm that handled the books, just like the treasury does for the federal government. The federal reserve notes are actually stateless, printed and controlled by private now-multinationally incorporated banks that operate independently of the US government.
bobjib573 (12 years ago)
Yeah, this movie's dogcrap. There's no need for a "call to arms" - we've been armed, arming others, sponsering "terrorism", funding and promoting the despot of the hour and doing it all in the name of "liberty" since before either Bush, or even Nixon. Woodrow Wilson was arming warlords (or freedom fighters depending on which propaghanda you choose to follow) in central america back when Howard Hughes was still making films. It's called global domination. If you want to make an omelette you have to crack a few eggs right? Is it justifiable in any way? Not at all. But it's nothing new. The facts DEFINATELY point to an inside job, and the method of the operation has been around in writing, signed off by the joint chiefs of staff AND is in public record (Operation Northwoods) albeit nothwoods was set to take place in Miami and blamed on Castro to justify a Cuban invasion. It's the same crap with different targets. Only this time we had a guy in the white house who was too lazy to even come in to work, let alone see it coming. That's okay, good ol dickie and rummy had his back. You know they were in the Johnson administration. The same one that murdered you know who (sorry i'd hate to set off any red flags by posting murder and prsdent - misspelled intentionally - in the same sentence). But really, we need to stop blaming Bush alone. He does what he's told period. And bringing up political parties or islam is just playing into the various modes of control. Remember, just because someone believes they're doing something for one reason, doesn't mean they're not being USED. Take into consideration the fact there are sleeper cells in this country right now with radioactive material who've been here with it for years. If these guys were simply maniacal killers they would've used them by now. (By the way, this FACT is backed up by Hamid Mir, the only man to interview bin laden and the blind sheik since 9/11 who is one of the most respected journalists in the WORLD and has NOT ONCE in the span of a decades long career reported anything that hasn't proved true.) But these "killers" haven't because they're waiting on their orders and truly beleive what they're doing is right. They're pawns. I'm a pawn, you're a pawn, Bush is a pawn, Rummy's a rook and checkmate will be when the entire world realizes dissent is useless and bends to the will of the security forces of big business, the United States of Commerce. Folks, history is written by the winners. Even the founding fathers didn't intend for us to live in democracy. People tend to forget that we live in a democratic REPUBLIC. This is about oil being traded in federal reserve notes. Yes, we could get wrapped up in pictures of burning buildings and ma$$ graves, but this all means nothing to those who are ultimately in control. They can turn the tv off and go back things that matter to them like mergers and aquisitions. Bottom line is when the middle east decides it's tired of US aggression and their despots decide they'd like more gold palaces, they will seek to trade oil in Euro's or gold - not federal reserve notes. (WHICH ARE NOT AMERICAN MONEY!!!! AMERICA HAS NO MONEY!!!! THAT'S THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET GUYS!!!!) When that happens, the federal reserve notes that everyone in the US happens to use will become OFFICIALLY worthless. And it's kinda hard to police the world when you can't afford ammunition. I wish I was a conspriacy theorist, or wrong even. But I'm not. There is documentation and uh...LOGIC to back up everything I've said here. You just have to look for it. Killing five thousand people is horrible, and I can understand anyone who has decided I'm a "trader" or something by now, but after sifting through all the crap for a very long time I've come to the same conclusions any other logical person could. The war will never end, and the US will do anything to maintain dominance, so we all have two options: Comply or become an enemy of the state. The choice is yours but I say this is a war fought by terrorists against terrorists (using US soldiers and ignorant villagers as pawns) and in the end we're all going to lose.
Patrick Henry (12 years ago)
Yawwwwwn...please. The same arguments were given after people read _Mein Kampf_, and stated that Hitler was "for the working man." U.S. responsible for it? I never saw any U.S. weapons...only SOVIET. U.S. responsible for it? LIke the woman who deserved to be raped because she was "in the wrong place?" Like the kid who was molested because his pants were on too tight in Wal Mart? Like the home that was burglarized because it was too prosperous? Religious extremism meaning from the U.S? How many people were beheaded in the name of Jesus? Name one. I doubt you could. The only religious extremists that I have observed were usually screaming "Allah Ahkbar," and killing children who came to our clinics to get medical treatment that they would have never otherwise recieved, clean water they would have never otherwise drank, and the hope for a real education outside the madrossas that teach only "Hate Israel and USA." Then again, I am most certain that YOU never set foot in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Even if we never invaded, why were you never involved in these people's plight before the presence of allied forces showing up? Why the sudden injection of intrest? Oh...that's scholarship: execution of dissidents, genocide of minorities, absolution of all freedoms, and rape-rooms. As for a "scholar," I seriously doubt that you could think critically, but having been well entrenched within the halls of THC polluted academia, the true last refuge of the lazy, incompetent, and intellectually dishonest, I can a$$ure you that your conclusions were not reached through "scholarship." Come to think of it, people of your ilk (the self-described "liberated" and "open-minded") would be the first set of individuals they would wipe out. I've seen the ma$$ graves of students who refused to go to madrossas, and young men who were gang sodomized and had their throats slit by Taliban because they refused to grow a beard. All the fault of the U.S., I'm sure. Furthermore, did you ever protest any of the deployments under the OTHER frat boy? Meaning Clinton? I doubt that, too. What about HIS calls to disarm Saddam, and claiming that he was a threat to western civilization? What about his bombing of Afghanistan BEFORE 9/11? Can't find anyone willing to utter one peep about that. Thank God for videotape! That very formerly bellicose crowd that rattled the sabre...interestingly enough during scandals...now lead the chorus of retreat and surrender. They would rather regain political power than serve the interests of this nation....and the "sheeple" follow them as in a pied-piper trance. Maybe they'll just give you a prayer rug, and you'll already have a beard by then?
nikkiec (13 years ago)
wrath , please.. im not for war but its what has always been . what youre posting is a form of propaganda too .. its all biased .. the only ones who know exactley whats going on are those who are involved .. btw , Firstname ... really now . dont be trendy and scream ''stupid liberal'' .. the both of you argueing are just stubborn..
Wrath (13 years ago)
Firstname Sheep... I don't hate you but I feel sorry for you. Your "facts" are nothing but opinion shaped by the media mixed with soundbytes. You see what they want to see. You bought the lies hook,line,and sinker. I'm not a Liberal. I think outside the box. Your political party stereotypes are typical of someone who has been conditioned by the media. Do you really think Bush is really a Christian or a conservative? Bush and Kerry were two faces of the same coin as far as I'm concerned...Two Skull & Bones blue bloods who agreed on the big issue...War. The CIA trained Bin Laden. The towers were brought down with explosives. 9/11 was government-engineered terrorism. There's an agenda. Wake up! The US government sold weapons to Saddam. And if anyone in the Middle East wants to kill me,it's a direct result of US foreign policy and/or religious extremism. Bush and all his fascist minions are being exposed as we speak. People are waking up. I'm calling a spade a spade here. I love this country, but what the leaders of this country have done these last few years makes me ashamed to call myself an American. I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO WATCH MARTIAL LAW 9/11 : RISE OF THE POLICE STATE
Wrath (13 years ago)
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