Backyard Wrestling

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User Comments
BrettJacob (8 years ago)
I love this song Toxicity by System of a down and nice wrestling
ace123456789 (11 years ago)
HRKING (12 years ago)
they should be pros:o
HDog (12 years ago)
Ok how about not calling me fat ya I think that would be best to leave the rude comments to yourself:|
Blaze264 (12 years ago)
your crazy! lol :D
qpzmwoxn (12 years ago)
i in love with that fat kid i want to have sex with him!!!:p
atomic sparrow (13 years ago)
that asian kid rocks. mats are for sissies.
Kaboose (13 years ago)
OK the skinny guy is me ohhh yeah, the songs not to great in my opinion, kim is known as sanchez and yes he did get hurt(cant keep his head up always gets wiplash hates to do this) will make more!
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