Skate Nike

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Skate off Wet Roof
ouch... skating off a wet roof is a pretty stupid idea.... guy busts his you know what.

Skater Wrecks
These guys probably went home pretty damn sore.

Girl Skates UNDER 40 Cars
Incredible little girl gets herself down to less than 12" tall and breezes under 40 vehicles. A real limbo queen this kid! lol

Raining Skater
I think he tried a flip........didn't work well

Crazy Skate Jump
Absolutely AWESOME jump over a huge flight of stairs after being pulled by a van

Lucky Skateboarder Saved From Fatal Fall
Hot shot skateboarder flips off the side of an overpass and I guess it just wasn't his time to die!

Skate Park Etiquette FAIL
The guy in the red is an idiot

Skateboarding Tricks
Kid and his skate board doing different stunts

Rocket Skateboard
houston, we have a problem!!!

Backyard Skate
What is with this little guy in the beginning? lol

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