Banned Commercial

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User Comments
gpbarr1 (8 years ago)
Maybe if the phone never looked like it was getting hard then it would have aired.
Andy81 (11 years ago)
So whats the problem with this commercial? The phone was naked!? Girl had great moves and was beautiful. Hater housewives maybe got offended?
sas134uk (12 years ago)
I agree and don't see why it was banned - Americans appear to be weirdos. Watching Mythbusters they bleep out the word a$$ + crap - What is that all about? But you can show people getting their heads blown off, blood and guts everywhere - Nutters!
DougzillaX (12 years ago)
nice a$$.........let me f*ck it yeeaaa gonna cum into it then have her blow me......:D
looker (12 years ago)
it was banned in america
mr_minster (13 years ago)
this wasnt banned i saw this when i was korea last summer
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