Great Moments In Hockey

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H-dog (13 years ago)
Ok I just wanted to get things clear...even though this movie isnt the best thanks for not saying it sucks lol...I wish everyone could see my second (remake) of this cause its much better.B)
atomic sparrow (13 years ago)
Well, yeah it is fitting for the movie. I wasn't saying that. I was just saying I don't like the song.
H-dog (13 years ago)
I made this movie clip..I did make another longer remake but the video wont send. Anywho its not a crappy song its pritty good for making movies like this for:D
atomic sparrow (13 years ago)
^^P.O.D - boom, i think it is called..why it's a pretty crappy song. Anyhwo, hockey>football, don't care what all the cliches think about it.
Biasknight (13 years ago)
Hey what song is this, and who wrote it?
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