Call on me

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brunettiv (10 years ago)
I think I saw my girlfriend there, I think I broke up with her long ago. What a bitch!
l3allinDownTown (11 years ago)
that's my graceland!! lucky old man!! the remix was done by a remix artist named eric prydz its really good and my ringtone
skypunk1 (12 years ago)
anyone know who did the remix? where to get it?
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
Ohh, it's a song. My god this angers me.
peacefullady (12 years ago)
Alogia2004 (12 years ago)
hahah! wat a legend! lol:D
shin gouki (12 years ago)
hah he says " we're happy in my bed " too lol
shin gouki (12 years ago)
let me tell u..... they 're not saying common lee .... but "dans mon lit" means in my bed.... and the guy says things like "come in my bed " " it is hot in my bed" "call all ur friends (girl)" "it s party in my bed" well he sang in french so.... yeah whatever ... those ladies are pretty hot^^:-)
maximo (12 years ago)
i swear there like singing 'comon lee' and i don no wat the old man saying. like the girls tho;)
maximo (12 years ago)
i swear there like singing 'comon lee' and i don no wat the old man saying. like the girls tho;)
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