Scary Woman

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User Comments
TyishaDelgado (8 years ago)
WOWWWWWWWW she whooped his ass & dodged every punch lmfao she has skills
lindasalan37 (9 years ago)
hahahahahaha ahahaha moves pretty fast for a big girl...........that sucks. I would be laughing my ass off to while filming that.
Lanky75 (10 years ago)
See what alcohol and drugs will do? Homeboy should have been able to deal, but drugs got his butt tore up!
ivegot5onit (11 years ago)
omg dude that was the saddest thing ive ever seen that woman straight strowed homeboy across the yard and into the street and i dont think he got one hit in..haha hillarious
babegurltasha (11 years ago)
dam das shame
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