Super Little Person

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Acid (11 years ago)
poop-on-a-stick (12 years ago)
Just to educate the ma$$es, midget is a derogatory term. It's as outdated as saying someone is "colored"or "negro". Today most refer to be called "little people" or dwarves. The term "midget" is considered derogatory because it has been used to mean less than normal of a particular object. So by saying someone is a midget you are saying that they are less human. Also even if you are just trying to refer to a person of smaller stature, midget is often incorrect because most "midgets" are really dwarves anyways. The original meaning of midget describes someone of small stature but with a normal portionate body and features but dwarves have denoted disproportionate bodies. Anyway the video is pretty I guess.
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