American Idol Rejects

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User Comments
Basketball101 (12 years ago)
Wow the should have just stayed in their dark rooms till the moon came out!
shin gouki (13 years ago)
ouch must hurts ..... psychology hit .... lol i'm sur i don't sing well but them ... it's not even singing ....
dan the man (13 years ago)
haha, holy crap, why did those people even bother? did they actually think they might win? retards...:| oh, and dont u think this chinese smily face is kinda racious?:-)
soldierjoe83 (13 years ago)
I know that i cant sing these idots must know that they cant sing. what the hell is wrong with these people. I swear they should just dig a big hole and bury them all in it. God:@
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