Creepy Guy

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User Comments
Bullet (11 years ago)
he said " fuck you bitch"
Okotai (12 years ago)
OKOTAI fingers back :(:(
99FordRanger (12 years ago)
well um this is stupid and weird
50CENT (12 years ago)
agreeencrayon (12 years ago)
HOLY CRAP ITS ME LOL thanks who ever posted this LOL that is great I foudn myself in a website looking for video clips . its on myspace and i have it posted for rating . gawd this is so funny. Maybe I should make more of these
dude92507 (12 years ago)
i have 2 say something bad but i think he said f*ck u b*tch
adz666 (12 years ago)
what a prick
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