Board Breaker

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birdmanchris (11 years ago)
hah what a fag... u guys wana see funny check otu my vid... search tra la la or click my name
KingAces (11 years ago)
just wow...u broke a foam board on ur head...and what was that at the end? that little sholder thing...U SUCK!!!
birdmanchris (12 years ago)
a true f*cking faget douche bag he broke foam over his head omg hes the next bam not faget
blueyedsweetie (12 years ago)
You are so hott! E-mail me sometime @
rockpwincesslauwa (12 years ago)
wow u rock Firstname if that really is you!!!! but i swear thats polystireen:S
Alogia2004 (12 years ago)
thats just polystireen...or however ya spell bored eh?! look at d size of that keyboard! cud play dat wen ur
pixie_13 (12 years ago)
haha, awesome! hey, send me a private message or something and then ill give u my email so you can send a pic...or whatever :D
pixie_13 (12 years ago)
it reminds me of something that i would do when i was bored. ;)
pixie_13 (12 years ago)
well if you really are that guy, just so you'll know, i had a GOOD laugh on this one! :)
duh_890 (12 years ago)
:-)It's a board of styrofoam... not as good as people bashing their friends in the head with "Caution:Wet" signs
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