Wake Up!

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User Comments
enjoi_sk8er9 (12 years ago)
lol u guy look like f*ckin freaks lol
Markis (12 years ago)
Yeah ill say its pretty good, except that you need to band your arms corrctly to the drums in the right positions, other than that you guys are totaly not fags:D pretty ballsy to even put this video on the net so you got guts.
Sk8erOrDie (12 years ago)
You guys also were listeining to thier version from the song the songs stops at the exact moment theirs did ...
RedRose09 (12 years ago)
thats funny! cool song...that dudes hot
Milk Man2828 (12 years ago)
Yea membe me? :o
Viper041492 (12 years ago)
man wolfe u are the one that made it! B)B) ';..;'
Sp4wn (12 years ago)
ok neither this...nor the other one of the other guys doing this was funny...all this is, is taking a very good song and ruining it with immature headbanging
wolfe1107 (12 years ago)
good vid. i dont care if it doesnt compare to them other guys but it is still funny. good job guys. :D
Sk8erOrDie (12 years ago)
....are u serious .... thats not fuking funny all you fuking did was copy the other one you f*cking 2 year old .... omg this crap it so bad get a better camera becuase every get blurred up ima come to you house and eat u suck so bad hope every sees this comment iam f*ck your mom you guys are just copiers to those other guys you cant even hold a finger to those other guys..... :-):@
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