Laptop thief owned

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flickbuff (9 years ago)
I love it. My buddy's laptop was stolen a few months ago as well, and I found his using a few sneaky ways too. I not only did a full network netbios scan from the ISP level (we won't talk about what software i had to use to do this, because i obviously don't work for the ISP), then, once i had the location and IP of the individual, i sent a basic Telnet port dialer trojan which opened a backdoor for me to enter in. From there i loaded some GPS software on the computer (even though we knew where the computer was plugged in). The games then began. Over the course of 2 weeks, we followed this individual, and took pictures of them, spying on them.....and playing every james bond trick we could think of. Finally, one day at the campus pub, when he was using the WiFi there, I walked up with a stack of pictures and screen-shots showing that i had been tracking him and his STOLEN computer, i demanded it back (on my friends behalf). This guy said that it was HIS laptop and i had to prove that it was mine. I proved it alright. From my Windows Media 6.1 Cell Phone, i ported in and dropped a Unix Hard drive eraser......then picked up the laptop and walked away. GOD i LOVE technology.
emis815 (9 years ago)
If he didn't back it up on some other outside device, he is stupid...
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