Quick Fingers

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6stringking (9 years ago)
as a fellow guitar player 17yrs , this kid has got talent,I'd like to hear more from him!
noggincy (9 years ago)
Is it just possible this young virtuoso may be a lady? - But it does not matter - whoever it is thay are just amazing, I and thank them from the very bottom of my heart for letting all of us share the magic they can produce - Well Done.....and I'm sorry to be greedy but...PLEASE CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!
me01 (10 years ago)
Just great loove to know who he is for real and why the cap? Any more o0n this person?
Skorpeon (10 years ago)
This kid is extremely talented, sure wish I learned how to play like that. Outstanding! Keep up the good work.
legion1984 (10 years ago)
Yes this kid is really playing this in real time , I have been playing for 17 years and I have to say that I wasn't even that talented and his age , this kid will be the next Steve Vai, I would love to hear some more for him.
xxmichi (11 years ago)
Wow, it´s great!!! Gimme more!
xXxLTHxXx (11 years ago)
how do i get this onto my ipod i really want it on there!!! someone please explain.
sid67 (11 years ago)
well done grasshopper.....:-)
i_like_cake (11 years ago)
aha i have found out how to get it on my ipod it took me 2hours but its worth it! this guy is amazing!!!!:-)
Nueke (11 years ago)
Okay, I am not saying this isnt real, but its hard to beleave that he is playing like that at such a young age. Its hard to find an adult that can double pick like that, let alone a kid. But if it is real, GREAT JOB!!!! He will definently go a long way.
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