You must be Emo

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tnapdarb (9 years ago)
Whats funny is that by posting comments on here and crying about what people are saying about you just helps to solidify this song, and just shows that you are whiney little fags. Grow up you emo f**ks. ;)
blackz (10 years ago)
this is mostly just crap, this is a song made by fag...
i'm emo and i like nintendo and such and poetry is kinda' hobby but i have never, and will never kiss a boy, thats just friggin' wrong... i dont want to be offending but homosexual is just not right, emo on the other hand is a emotional ppl and a style of life and i dont care what you think of me, but thinking that being emo is to cut yourself is wrong... i hate ppl making statements about something that isnt true and can be offending although i think most of emos dont care what you ****ers think
rob2779 (11 years ago)
This video is so true, just read the comments LOL...I must be EMO!!!!
saraemo2 (11 years ago)
That is so not true!! and it takes one to know one! i'm emo what you gonna do about it i dont cry i punch d***s like you♥ love always your emo fan♥
chiodos (11 years ago)
Ya im emo or what ever yea i goto shows so what,i dont cut myself .im sick of all u mother fuckers talkin shit.and it doesnt mean ur a pussy by the way u look.if u have sumthin to say come up and say it and get smacked.
korn_rachel_soad (12 years ago)
haha that is so true. they are such crying little pussies who just want attention:D
dark in sorrow (12 years ago)
i was offended by this :(
bobbiebobabe (12 years ago)
lol loooooves it <3
rockpwincesslauwa (12 years ago)
not all emos are phyco tho. :|
sugarfiend (12 years ago)
aahh. this is too amazing! :D
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