Dumb Criminal

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Kellie Pickler Dumb As A Rock
Turns out our pretty little girl from American Idol wasn't putting on an act. She's definitely as dumb as she is HOT! And NOT nearly as smart as a THIRD GRADER!

No... he isnt taking a picture... he is spraying flames into his face!!!

Dumb Drunk
Things just look easier on TV.

Animlals can be dumb
Actually my dog did the same thing.. execept she ran into a parked car in my driveway

Dumbest Boxer Ever
Someone has been punched a few too many times

LaDumb LaFrench LaCrooks
They couldn't have made it any easier for the cops to catch them..

Dumb Electronics Guys
I guess he had it on the wrong voltage or something lol

Dumb Kids Play Fighting
Don't you remember the younger days play fighting? these kids could have done a LITTLE better job of making it look real ;/

Dumb Criminal
Another idiot criminal gets caught and exposed

Dumb Employee
People like this keep me in the IT industry......keep up the good work!!!

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