Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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User Comments
LoveiniaGriffin (8 years ago)
wow.....thats really old....BUT STILL FUNNY:) JK
Markis (12 years ago)
man you guys are lost, get limewire pro and downloade family guy episodes
LorsXII (12 years ago)
i love it i watch it everytime on winamp :D
atomic sparrow (13 years ago)
watch the first season. Not the new mediocore at best episodes.
RedRose09 (13 years ago)
peanut butter jelly peanut jelly peanutbutter jelly and a baseball bat:D
tgcrpd (13 years ago)
umm the myspace code doesnt work... its a clip of black people fighting??
lvsincityrider (13 years ago)
skicat08 (13 years ago)
funny stuff...i seen that episode:)
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