Christmas Lights

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User Comments
sid67 (12 years ago)
thi is really a cool it now and then in amazment
H-dog (12 years ago)
thanks a bunch RedRose sorry i didnt thank you earlier i just forgot to come back to this clip after i asked the question lol.
RedRose09 (12 years ago)
The songs called Wizards in winter
RedRose09 (12 years ago)
The song is by the transiberian orchestra thats all i know. OOh i wanna do this for christmas
RedRose09 (12 years ago)
The song is by the transiberian orchestra thats all i know. OOh i wanna do this for christmas
H-dog (12 years ago)
I love that song and is really cool what someone can do with some christmas lights and free time, if anyone knows the name of this song please post it here. GOOD WORKB)
acceptthis (12 years ago)
i thought the sony robot clip was amazing but this one gave me goose bumps, it was amazingly awsome, what part of the world did it come from? i cant wait to see what he/she comes up with next year
ghfb272 (12 years ago)
Does anybody know the name of this piece of music?
soldierjoe83 (12 years ago)
fricking amazing. All i can say is im in awe:o
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