Will you go to prom

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User Comments
ratmanjr (10 years ago)
another cousin date...
jkpudge22 (12 years ago)
gah that is stupid i hope the guy said no to her
noor2live (12 years ago)
Did she ever get the prom date??lol
Broken Halo (12 years ago)
Broken Halo (12 years ago)
joemamma22 (12 years ago)
stupid and funny at the same time. grandma in back just cracks me up
HAZRATALI101 (12 years ago)
auntrachel (13 years ago)
will u shut up
Slipknot_Eva (13 years ago)
i luv ur screaming its sexy and ur f*ckin cute as hell lol funny vid hot girl i love it
roomsy33 (13 years ago)
the automatic video playing option does not work
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