Girl band

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PECKERWOODY (7 years ago)
Don't quit ur slinging hash jobs. Nice butts aren't everything but it makes the world go round! Your music sucks!
tabassumraja78 (7 years ago)
hi me raja tabassum
alisisqo (8 years ago)
yoeloziom11 (10 years ago)
Does anyone know who sang this remix of \"summer of 69\".... please Help me i love this song ! send to my mail post name here if you know .... pl thanks!
seeeiii (11 years ago)
W H * R E S!!! What's not to like?
Monch1964 (11 years ago)
Bryan Adams sang this song!
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
yeah, they're good looking and all, but that music is horrible beyong beleif.
jamie_mc (12 years ago)
there slitz group of gals from stockhome sweden
GanoExcelUsInc (12 years ago)
does anyone know who sang this song???
GanoExcelUsInc (12 years ago)
I like this video, Does anyboby know who perform this song of "Summer of 69?"
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