Guitar Incredible

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User Comments
DougzillaX (12 years ago)
soloing* Xd
DougzillaX (12 years ago)
this guy is good but a song cant be like all soling it gets boring.... like righttttttttt now
henri333 (12 years ago)
Thanks a lot :)
hilou (13 years ago)
hilou (13 years ago)
Alogia2004 (13 years ago)
k...this guy does no what he's doing, he is fingering the right notes..but i dont kno if thats him playin in the video, quality is a bit good, and it seems edited. NOT TO UNDERMIND UR WORK man...i respect dat very much..fair play
henri333 (13 years ago)
Hi, this guy is really playing :P.But , who is this?Whats he's real name? I woul like to know and i havent find a good guitar tab for this song.All tabs i found were only in other positsitions.I need original :P ;)
ranman481 (13 years ago)
Amazing tallent!! Somebody give this guy a contract!!
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