EMO Haircuts

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Al3x1995EMO (7 years ago)
SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH.EMO LOOKS COOL!when my hair grows longer i'll be an emo to,and emo hair cut is coolllll!!!!! POWER TO EMO!!!!!!!!!!!
justdru23 (10 years ago)
whats with all the swearing? it's just a video..it succeeded in it's goal apparently. I'm not into the emo look but there are some "average" looking guys who turn totally HOT with this hair style..like most everything else in our world this "fad" too will fade away and in 30 or so yrs come back...most "fads" do. This video in no way portrays "racism" nor is it "gay" or "ghetto". We are all "unique"...we all have followed "trends" or "fads"..not bad not good..but it "is" good if it fits our needs at the time..so live and let live. :)
anonymousproxyserver (10 years ago)
What's funny is how hypocritical you're all being; the person who made this video has every right to express themself also.
And you whine about the wasted time; how long did it take you to put together your responses? Laughable.
He's a jerk and you all caved to his whims. Congratulations.
PuLLTHeTRiGGeRBiTCH (10 years ago)
im sorry i can't respect the opinion of a video with poser-deathmetal as background music. :/
VickeeVenom4 (10 years ago)
Wow, trying to get attention much?
this has to be one of the most stupididist videos ive ever seen, what a waste of time, if you dont like emos so much then keep it to your fucking self and stop getting useless attention by making a stupid video. "emos" are their own people and they can be whatever they fucking want to, i dress and have hair simillar to that, and im a normal person, and would appreciate it if i didnt get fucking twats like the person who made this video taking the piss outa us. so leave us the fuck alone and get a fucking life yeah? HA really wat a waste of time. if you hate us so much, whats up with your obsession? GET A LIFE U CUNTS! this whoolle thing has to stop, you dont see emos making crap videos sayin shit bout you do you? NO! so yeah get a life, just cus emo boys are fucking hot dosent mean u can do this, your just jealous ;) so yeah FUCK YOU!
shattermessiahsucks (10 years ago)
having a sissy ass haircut doesn't have anything to do with racism you tool. you sound like another idiot from the ghetto.
Hs27 (10 years ago)
WOW, rascist much? just cause someone has their hair a different way doesn't mean they're bad people. If you dont like the way they have their hair ignore it. ur not gunna get a gold metal for being rascist against someone who's just a little bit different.
omerikou (10 years ago)
fuck you cock sucking cunt, leave emo's alone, you low life piece of shit. FUCK you cunt
eh74 (10 years ago)
wow, this video was the mose random and completely retarded thing I have seen since Meet The Spartans. Shut the fuck up, let emo kids do whatever you want to. Oh and the reason you don't see an old emo guy, is because people look like a fucktard when they follow trends when they're older. We're only young and reckless for 20 years, then our life is over when we have kids and get married. If you've never worn skinny jeans, or felt an emo kid's hair, shut THE FUCK UP. You don't know anything, so stop being so fucking judgemental. That's what happened to the jews and hitler, you want to be remembered as the "Judging fucktard who condemns people who haven't done a fucking thing to them?" So what if an emo is homo? His dick may be in some other guy's butt, but at least he doesn't use it for a brain like you did.
shelby2383 (10 years ago)
Who ever made this vedio is a fag. Your just jealous.. Fucking QUIT critising ppl for wut they look like. Wtf . get a life and QUIT worrying about other ppl and wut they look like.
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