Motorcycle Crash

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Future Motorcycle Daredevil
This little squirt is totally AMAZING on his motorcycle! I say why bother with first grade - drop out NOW - before you start and live the dream! lol

Motorcycle Stunt
I have no clue how he didn't wipe out.

Motorcycle Stunt
What is this stunt called?

One CRAZY Motorcycle Stunt
No need for a seat for this dude! ( No need saving for retirement either! ) lol

Toddler Drives Motorcycle
Little kid can't even PRINT his own name and Dad has him out DRIVING a motorcycle! What a Dad! (Nitwit!)

Motorcycle Skidout
doing 180mph and skidding out on a bike can't feel good

Motorcycle Showoff FAIL
Showoffs usually fall on their butts....

Motorcycle Over Cliff
Guy doesn't stop in time.....oops

Motorcycle Mishap
This is what you don't do with your bike....

Motorcycle Driver Escapes Death
This really WAS this dude's time to die!

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