Porsche Gets Owned

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sgtkitt (9 years ago)
I know this vids been here for a bit but i was reading the comments had to input my 2 cents take for whats it worth. Ive raced SCCA for years /wow/ i have a racing license to big deal / I race a 89 Mustang LX started as a 302 injected and final mods was a 392 inch high compression motor reason i ended up that way was the porche and BMW racers that would show up cry that my 10 thou stang was winning and would have me torn down to make sure i was stock. After they put up such a fuss i got moved to another class with full open modified cars reason my stang was a ex police car that really did not add anything to the car other then silicone hoses and a large radiator but they used that to get my bumped so i ended up modding it to compete. Oh and a 3.27 geared stang with a world class T5 trans and around 490 HP can easily break 170 plus
Rico1 (12 years ago)
Oh my god, This is simple, obviously not clear of what goings on because they cant see that Porsche actually walking away from them and fast at that. Then we see clearly that unlike the guy in the loud but slow vehicle, the Porsche driver had and exit to get off on, this being the reason they actually caught up...Why? Because the Porsche hit the brakes. C'mon guys get real you wasted your time messing with that Porsche. Take you car back to the Garage and try again....I got a good laugh out of you video though. Watching you get PWNED !! after all that effort... :p
BlackHawkGIJ (13 years ago)
let me throw in my 10 cents. the porsche 911T is an extreme work of art. the last time i checked, the porsche TT hit a top speed of 189mph. if you dont believe me, heres Top Gears review of the porsche 911 Twin Turbo. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7872472718342706458&q=top+gear+911 id love to see your 1/4 mile time and top speed and then see that of the 911;) hell, my 1963 356B S90 will go 120mph. infact it has gone 120 mph. haha i also have a 1992 C2 con. that will do about 155mph. this leads me to believe that the new TT will do 189mph and im pretty sure, seeing as how ive driven one of the TT's and the GT2's, that if infact it was a GT2, he would have downshifted and you would have never seen him again. thats my 2 cents.
Anchorism (13 years ago)
XVT, I am a porsche fanatic/enthusiest. Take a look at the spoiler on the porsche, Notice GT2's have NEVER had a spoiler such as this. I might not know much, but i do know this. That is the spoiler from a Turbo. Not the GT2. The GT2 has a lot more guts than the turbo. Dont get me wrong the turbo is a great looking car. It is just not putting as much power down. Email me if you care to. I know that it is arpund a 2001 TURBO! It has the same rear bumper and spoiler.
Ackbar00 (13 years ago)
Dude, you are the most hardcore bench racer I have ever seen. How about this, an eastbound train is going 80 MPH. a Westbound train on the same track is going 90 KMPH, they strike right on the US - Mexico border, now, where do you burry the survivors? See how this is relvent to my race with that Porsche? Its not, and that is the point I am making to you. What do I need to prove, that I can beat a 996 on the highway? Been there, done that B) Tell you what sweetie, you know any Porsches in the Dayton Area, you just let me know, I can film this whole thing again ;) Yeah, 212 MPH at Laguna Seca, youve been playing GT4 a little too much :-)
xvt (13 years ago)
With those gears I would say yeah 160 is valid but what's your rpm at that speed? Tire/rim size?(let me guess 275/40/17) and let's not forget to factor in the wind drag, cause let's face it...it's not the most aerodynamic of cars. Curious to know as I want to compare this to the data we have. I think that the camera thing is just an excuse, but on the other hand it's understandable if it really happened that way. One thing though, You can not base top end speed off of your qurter mile time. Example...oh hell, just for sh*ts and giggles lets use a Lamborghini Mercielago. 1/4 mile MPH is 118.4, and as we climb to the 1/2 mile mark it reaches 144.0mph. Next we hit the 3/4 mile mark and our speed is 157.2mph. Finally we hit the 1 mile mark and what's our speed? Yup, 168.0mph that took a slow whopping 30.9 sec. to complete from a dead stop. Funny thing is, my Porsche did the 1 mile mark in 180.2 mph at 28.6 sec. Oh yeah here is a link so you know what 160-190mph looks like in a Porsche when you are pa$$ing someone that is only doing 80(car after the red corolla). [url]http://www.xvt1.com/996turbo190mph.mpeg[/url]Then compare it to your video. You can compare the sound too. Now when I say I live 160-212mph I mean it. I constantly race out at Willow Springs, and Laguna Seca. Infact we are putting a show together that includes dyno runs, quarter times and track times with prizes and money. You should come out. I'll be displaying all of my cars, and we can put an end to this once and for all. BTW, ricers drive rice, and I too deal with ricers that talk smack...they actually sound like you in the vid, and always think they have something to prove. So let's not take it there since that is a whole other subject.
Ackbar00 (13 years ago)
"Remember there is always some one out there that reall does know what they are talking about." Tell you what, when I meet them, I will let you know;) Hmm, lets see. 3.27 gear, .57 Overdrive for 10 seconds, top of forth gear is around 140 MPH, so yeah, Id say 160 MPH is a valid statement. Camara cuts out because my guy filming hit the button twice. But it is easy to guess what happened. I slowed down, after running him over once and he ricer flyby's on me a second time. My car traps consistant 127, so if you dont think I can run down a what, 118 MPH car at its best, then you are on crack. You live a 212 MPH, you sound just like the dipsh*t ricers that live around here. Nice job a$$ :-)
xvt (13 years ago)
[b]"I was about to run over his car at over 160 MPH after he has tried to run away."[/b] Hahaha, you make me laugh. If you were infact going 160 then the speed of traffic must be around 130. Are you talking about Kmph? Don't try the speed game on me. I'm a professional racer(licensed) and 160-212mph is where I live. Also, I noticed that there is a huge chunk of video missing! Where is that footage? Simple editing can make anything look faster than it really is. I agree that so many people are porsche savy, but I on the other hand own several. I know perfectly well what a stock and a heavily modified Porsche can do. Just for reference, the 996 turbo and 911tt are one in the same. 996 refers to the platform and 911 refers to the model. BTW, My Bro races stangs professionally(licensed) as well. I asked him to take a look at this vid, and the first thing that came to our heads from your reply is what exactly is your overall rear end gear ratio? He owns an 88 GT(Twin Turbo), 93 GT(blown), 2004 Saleen(Twin Charger), and his newest project I'm helping him on is his version of an 05 GTR. As, you can tell, we do know a thing or two about stangs, but I personally perfer the Euro cars. However, I do give you props for the turbo stang, just don't pull crap out of your a$$. Remember there is always some one out there that reall does know what they are talking about.
Ackbar00 (13 years ago)
Well, I guess you got me. Oh wait, I forgot, everyone on the Internet is so goddamn Porsche savy. If you notice in frame 1:17-1:18, he does in fact hit the brakes, but not after, I was about to run over his car at over 160 MPH after he has tried to run away. Other great internet minds have stated that this is a 911TT or a 996 Turbo. Either way, I am happy with the kill never the less, each cost 4 times what my car did :) Oh and BTW, the porsche wanted the race, he heard a loud Mustang getting on the highway and thought he would be cool. If we would have lined up, I would have put bus lengths on him. If you liked this video, check out the rest of mine on my cardomain page: [url]www.cardomain.com/id/ackbar00[/url] :-)B)
xvt (13 years ago)
This is a perfect example of idiocy. This guy reminds me of typical honda racers....insipid. At first glance I thought to myself, WOW! fast car, but a closer inspection of the video after all the smack talk, made me think twice. If we look a little closer at the Porsche it seems to be simply walking away from this guy. As this ignoramus races to catch up, pay close attention to the Porsche in the distance. He is coming up on traffic and it appears he has decided to slow down, maybe even wants to exit. Theory? Maybe, but as we pay even closer attention to frames 1:17 - 1:18 we notice that the porsche does infact hit the brakes (third brake light is on). Next we see, or rather hear this simpleton bragging about he beat a Porsche GT2? Hmmm....last time I looked in my garage, my GT2 didn't look like that. Just for reference this is what a GT2 rear end looks like[img]http://www.cla$$icdriver.com/upload/images/_de/1790/img03.jpg[/img] and don't try to tell me he switched trunks. What actually made me laugh is how this guy talk about how crappy it is. News flash...this isn't your moms 914...it's a 996. Seriously, what's next an onomatopoeia? Anyway, typical idiot endangering others on populated roads. Oh and I guess I should agree with this person who stated "Let me see if I understand this correctly. It makes someone a "man" to drive like a stupid maniac on a semi-busy highway just to race past a Porsche? Why the hell did I bother getting my degree?"
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