Stupid Kida

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User Comments
mojobojo (12 years ago)
That makes me cringe :o make me wanna puke
Spanky035 (12 years ago)
I think that is funny as sh*t!!! lmao
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
^^That wasn't even legible.
auntrachel (12 years ago)
i had a shopcart and if my brother did that i would just kill me. if that was me i would just said i think i broke it i would f*cking screming till my head blow up
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
^^yeah it did, you see his arm before it crashes, and I did not notice any contortion at all.
Lady_Hawk (12 years ago)
I think this is a kid with a deformed left arm. Watch the video closely and watch his left arm. Didn't happen here.:-)
QTB07 (13 years ago)
I can't stop lookin at it. Its just....DUMB! ITS GROSS!! IDIOT KIDS!!
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