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Tr1pPy (9 years ago)
this is really cool, i mean how do they do those kind of trick?!!?!?!
anonymousproxyserver (9 years ago)
Incase there are new watchers and it's not "back in the day" O.o It's called parkour...start randomly hopping on junk through out your city or town and voila, you're a pro.
Defender (12 years ago)
amazing... purely said wats this song called?
JKDConcepts01 (12 years ago)
This aint no Muay Thai....i did Muay Thai and this got nuttin to do wit that style....this is Ninjitsu....the way of the ninja....and yea u can learn the same thing in Acrobatics....but yea i did Jeet Kune Do Concepts(legendary bruce lee's formless style), and i do Ninjitsu....and trust me....goin to a cla$$ like this is worth it.....but i jus joined so i aint do nuttin yet :-):@:DB):p:o:(:|;):)
hitman2c (12 years ago)
i wish i could do this sh*t. i gotta get into a cla$$ and learn. you said this is muay thai?
Windshot (12 years ago)
I love this guy! I do Muay Thai myself and a mean 540 flip at my school! :-)
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