Awesome Soccer Moves

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User Comments
dinsy (10 years ago)
its mad lol
nic2kg (10 years ago)
dkgoldman242 (10 years ago)
He Goes Down easily because other people try to put him down before he gets to the goal. If you watch him now you can easily tell.
bluefrogger (11 years ago)
Yes, he is a fantastic player, however, he goes down too easily. He gets paid £60,000+ per week, so should have some
dignity while playing, and not con the ref all the time. 2005/6 season, he was a one trick pony, 2007 season and he became true world class. Awesome player now.
footfairy9098 (11 years ago)
his name is cristiano ronaldo. and he plays for Manchester United. he's my favorite player and he is amazing as u can tell. not only is he good at footwork but he has a showstopping shot!!
preyivan (11 years ago)
who does he play for????B)
CreeperCI (12 years ago)
His Foot work is Crazy!!!
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