Cute Girl

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rainbowtears87 (10 years ago)
She has the cutest, lovliest little face! Such a little lady! Lol.
sid67 (12 years ago)
this has got to be the coolest/cutest video here.....
zezzo zorte (12 years ago)
zezzo zorte (12 years ago)
aww omggg i love it!! soo kute.. this is actully my best friends sister! soo i feel special.. i always talk to her. and if u think im lying.. i have her phone number. kk i love it! i have it in my AIM profile b*tches. lol ya im kool like dat .. n ur jelous. byyee !!:D
dipsetz_bess (13 years ago)
haha this video is so funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:D
Lisamargrave (13 years ago)
I love this video. This little girl is so cute, adorable and talented. She should be an actress. She made us smile. God bless you :D
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