Muscle Man

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User Comments
taco41 (12 years ago)
for real:-)B)
twitchxx (12 years ago)
ogh ya!!! staroids!!:D
TEAMHUSTLER (12 years ago)
twoBig4U (12 years ago)
It is fake... but the guy is a real body builder. His name is Markus Ruhl If you notice on his right forearm it's missing some. So this is a fake
hcodude (12 years ago)
actually this dude is real....there was a biography on him on tv the other hooked on roids in case you couldn't tell
jamal187 (13 years ago)
its fake
Spyro1989 (13 years ago)
hate to git hit by him.LOL:o
Louie (13 years ago)
Not real at all, don't worry
johnnym (14 years ago)
he looks like that dude from 'league of extrodinary gentleman'
ck (14 years ago)
Please tell me this isnt real... Im gunna puke. Kinda looks like a Glosette Chocolate Raisin, hahaha. WORD ^
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