Bush Removal

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User Comments
bclaverenz (9 years ago)
Hey.... I Love a Smooth as a Babies Bottom P$%^&*(!! HE HE HE!!!
Besides….. None of you Really think woman do this JUST for themselves do you????
looker (12 years ago)
man that would hurt like hell..:o
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
Oh, so that's how they react.
teachxmexheartache (12 years ago)
bobbiebobabe (12 years ago)
those were some baaaaad times for me x.x
soad_HIM (13 years ago)
WTF i woulda screamed the place down:) that looked painful:p Jade xXx
Needlenose4500 (13 years ago)
crazy women [:)]
cheese23 (13 years ago)
yeah :-)
piercek67 (13 years ago)
Very Nice....Ouch!
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