Spoon is Too Big

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Rataru (6 years ago)
The spoon is fine and that was NOT a banana!
Undreth (8 years ago)
blingster (10 years ago)
i fll offf the seat laghing its so random
traxxasmaxx (10 years ago)
dojo095 (10 years ago)
they are on crack

IronyOnline (10 years ago)
Bloody WUNDERBAAAR! SO lame it cracks me up! HAHAHAHAHA, Nice one...
GladImNotYou (11 years ago)
Amazing I love it So stupid its wonderful
Basketball101 (12 years ago)
i love this banana:p
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
H-dog (12 years ago)
well that was 39 seconds of my life down the drain
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