You Tha Man

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User Comments
jsrock563 (10 years ago)
Somewhere a trailerpark is missing it's idiot. (I apologize in advance if I offend any current trailerpark residents).
GladImNotYou (12 years ago)
If I'm The Man.........Then Wouldn't That Make You A Woman? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww............. Your One Fugly Lookin Woman.
criztian (12 years ago)
wat da *%#^?
GANGSTERRKiDD (13 years ago)
your'e the idiot!!
Fah-q (13 years ago)
You are a moran, your a moran, hey your an moran
Spyro1989 (13 years ago)
can you say ISSUES!!!
milk359 (13 years ago)
Your the man with ISSUES!!!
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