Anti Andy Milonakis

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User Comments
computerman1989 (10 years ago)
andy milonakis is good funny show. so shut the fuk up you stupid fuks.
HAZRATALI101 (13 years ago)
IHaTEYOu (13 years ago)
Actually.........................All Of You Little Fags Are Gay!!.... These Kids Are Fucking Genius....I Hate People Like You Critisize On Peoples Own Shit You Make Me Sick! You All Need To Get The Fuck Off Your Compters And Get A Fucking Life!! THE END Props To The Kids The Video Is Awesome♥
stangracer502 (13 years ago)
Thats why Andy is making the BIG bucks for being a complete dumb a$$, and these f*ck heads are just dumb a$$es making no money for trhis gay sh*t.
atomic sparrow (13 years ago)
I like how these two kids are actually funnier than Andy Milonakis, And these two kids were not funny at all. Andy Milonakis and pure genius in the same sentence? It says anti andy milonakis in the titles, but this is almost a precise re inaction. This show is terrible and I commend these kids efforts.
Sk8erOrDie (13 years ago)
Congrats on being the gayest people ive ever seen..... For the fat kid ..... you didnt f*cking need the pillow your fat enough you have to be the most f*cking lonely person to have ended the show like andy with the gay greenday song .....and you need so much attention you hump your friend........... for the curly blonde ....... ever hear of a f*cking dentist ??????? ever gonna get a grouth sprout ........ do a favor and get a life and for the other fag that was there nice letting a f*cking fatta$$ pund on you then letting hi mhump you even though you were bearly i nthis gay remake your as gay as those two f*cking f*ck holes...... Cucktuna is right andy show is about stupid humor he knows ho dumb it is but then ppl still watch his show so its working for him
chucktuna15 (13 years ago)
Tese kids are stupid i wish i could meet them and beat the sh*t out of them because they're obviosly too dumb to know what irony, sarcasm, or humor, for that matter, is! Granted some of Andy's stuff is really stupid, but a lot of it is pure genius, if you know anything at all.
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