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Andy81 (11 years ago)
OMG! Thats so sad. Cant we all just get along!? Many great leaders have asked and pleaded that we become as one...beunified! Love love love. The time is now to change!!! Stop the black on whte violence! boohooobooohooo Llol
HAZRATALI101 (12 years ago)
crap:@ stop wasting the memory on the website with these crappy videos
Slipknot_Eva (13 years ago)
no hot! not cute
Slipknot_Eva (13 years ago)
damn danielle is really cute n i love the song nirvana kicks a$$ u guys rock i kno ur just f*ckin around n it was awesome \../ email meh sumtime yo
Spyker (13 years ago)
that was poor
James Gambino (13 years ago)
Damn that was a weak slap.
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