Cube Robots

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manny1 (8 years ago)
no more construction accidents or construction workers for that matter wat a cool idea to have a robotbuilding built itself and move those blocks as individual elevators up down even left to right maybe even to your room or office anywere in the building the "robuilding" haha coo doe hu
Ace_ (12 years ago)
I have seen this type of thing before, It's to demo that each individual 'cube' is a robot, and the idea is that ma$$ producing thousands of these in macroscopic form would be able to basically form a shape shifting robot, capable of becoming any shape for any task, and forming its own tools for jobs. The video's i have seen like this are just to demo the idea of a few cube robots working in tandom.
QTB07 (13 years ago)
Thats just ....retarded. Cool, but retarded.
Exodius (13 years ago)
I've seen this before, its just moveable "magnet" mechanical arms...... this person covered te arms with something that i have no idea
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