The First Macintosh

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User Comments
Simonizer (12 years ago)
Theme music is by "Vangelis" used in the movie "Chariots of fire" google those and you'll get it.
H-dog (12 years ago)
hey what was that theme song at the starting called anyone know??
Alogia2004 (12 years ago)
hey ken from bogger from agree, i was expecting a lot worse..i was surprised by the crowds reaction tho, but i dont kno why lol:o
Zeekhelix666 (13 years ago)
Dang that was a crapy computer! wow i would love to go back in time with the specs and Blueprints of an Alienware Computer and blowaway every thing they had back then. Haha i would climb up on the stage Place an Alienware laptop(getting one after i get a few more paychecks) on the stand next to the Old mac and play a game from now on it! OO!! Or better yet, Play the trailer for MSG4, haha! ok Ive ranted on long enough.
Ken_from_Dublin (13 years ago)
...actually, I was surprised, not too dissimilar to what one sees on modern day pcs, okay, it would have had the memory of a goldfish and the graphic potential of a childs colouring book, but I was expecting a green on black job, no pun intended, so I was pleasantly surprised.
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