Peanut butter boy

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User Comments
lynnheather (9 years ago)
you all suck this video rocks
squid78 (11 years ago)
Boring :|
zezzo zorte (12 years ago)
heyy guys shut the fuhk up. andy is kewl. k? soo dont make fun of him. its not like hes gunna read this.
Spanky035 (12 years ago)
Ok, how many ppl sat down and watched that for a whole 4 mins? Not me.. wow he's gay:o
Fah-q (12 years ago)
oh yeah .... he's not funny either
Louie (13 years ago)
oh yeah... he's normal
bedels (13 years ago)
man o man please get this guy some professional help...a food pyscharatrist maybe??
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