Mr Acrobat

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User Comments
DougzillaX (12 years ago)
this guy should seriously got 2 the olympics:D
shin gouki (13 years ago)
i wish i do the same:(:(:(
dowsolo (13 years ago)
Im surprised to see this on here considering i first saw it a couple years ago. This is actually the best friend of a buddy of mine. He has very little martial arts training and did gymnastics for 4-5 yrs. You may see more of him in the future though hes a part of the Jackie Chan stunt team.
henry (13 years ago)
s w e e t n e s s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
undertakerfan (13 years ago)
holy sh*t that kid has to have a black belt that was amazing
Drake (13 years ago)
I watched it twice.... all i can say is i have never been more inspired to become a Ninja... WAAAA!!!!! Ninja Vanish! Drake>Aaron<
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