Police Kicking Butt

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User Comments
king_kripple (12 years ago)
Damn! I wanted to see lead fly! :D
Metal_head (13 years ago)
Farvs (13 years ago)
This guy was trying a cla$$ic "Suicide by Cop" routine. You can hear him taunting the cops "Shoot me!" several times during the full video (I have a copy I got from my training officer). He is also armed with two knives, and poses a deadly threat to the officers. All things considered I think he got off light especialy since we are trained to shoot a person with a knife if they are closer than 10 -20 feet and we have no time to use less lethal force. I happen to think the use of the cruiser was a brilliant move on the part of the Canadian cops in this video and I applaud them for their willingness to try and resolve this peacefully.
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