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afgoose82 (11 years ago)
crosswinds, not area 51, and in no way did he stall b/c otherwise, that U.P.S plane would be on the deck on fire. Pilot experience, nice save. Bunch of morons
HDog (12 years ago)
How about everyone shut the hell up. Its a stupid video anyway you morons.
latinraver22 (12 years ago)
Lol. ((Pilot in training)) Yeah extreme cross winds and a lack of flaps did not allow the pilot to succesfly land the back end than the nose. Thats why you see the back end locked and the nose pointing downards. Simply a variety of factors in this video come to the simple conclusion; he stalled. B)
soldierjoe83 (13 years ago)
Wow can you say Value Jet Pilot
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
I agree that it looked that way, but the website the video was submitted from showed videos documenting pilot errors for training purposes.
Sinky (13 years ago)
Anybody think that looked like Area 51?
matgroup (13 years ago)
It looked like the pilot hit an air current that forced him to overcompensate to the left....making him go around again to land. :)
capt erwii (13 years ago)
looks to me that the pilot had a brutal cross-wind and should be commended for the recovery of the heavy.
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
The pilot over-shot the runway BAD and had to really quickly decide to hit the throttles to go around again for another try.
black reven (13 years ago)
i dont get it???:|
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