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User Comments
99FordRanger (12 years ago)
surfer (12 years ago)
That yhappened to me but mine was more smash in
rockerforlife75 (13 years ago)
as they say ford = found on road dead lol
Drake (13 years ago)
Wow.... well alls well that ends well! glad your okay, and good-luck on fixing that up! Cya! Drake>Aaron<
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
Thanks for the well wishes...........As for other Ford Rangers looking bad, I guess I have seen them too.....but when you are six foot four inches tall, you don't have much room to play with inside that tiny cab. ;)
Louie (13 years ago)
Yeah, you should see the OTHER guy! B) GL car shopping, man
phoenixverus (13 years ago)
wow... You're extremely lucky. I've seen some pictures of other ford rangers that have been a lot worse after rolling over, than how yours looks.
Ben de Laval (13 years ago)
I wish your insurance contract is well done. Take Care buddy, dont leave us alone with no updates!!! We count on you. J'espère que tout va bien et que ton contrat d'a$$urance étais bien remplis. Prend soin de toi et ne nous laisse pas tomber sans mettre à jour tes vidéos!!! On conte sur toi ;) @+ Ben de Laval
saughtvol (13 years ago)
I hope your alright dude
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