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Lady_Hawk (12 years ago)
I don't understand how someone hurting themselves like that can be so funny. I guess maybe the content was pretty funny though. :D
trollboylover (13 years ago)
hahahaha that was so funny maby i'll actually watch that show now
maxisno1 (13 years ago)
OMG!hahaahahhaahhaha im pissing my self ahahaha omg thats so funny:D if i was the lady i would be on the floor laghing and a funny comment by senky as well ahahaha that will stay in my mind for weeks thx so much for that good laugh :D
Sinky (13 years ago)
How can the caller calmly say 'Thats never happened'. I would just piss myself laughing regardless of him being injured or not!
Sinky (13 years ago)
Yeah, he's moving he's OK. The sales people are throwing him into a bodybag as we speak.
teachR22 (13 years ago)
Imagine what's going through the salespeople's minds. "Dammit!!!!"
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