BB to the Nuts

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User Comments
DougzillaX (11 years ago)
i agree archangel good point this doesnt make me luagh it kinda makes me feel bad for him and he still has "one shell left in the shotgun" if u know what i mean
DarkMaster (12 years ago)
he is a total and utter dumba$$! He doesnot have the right to have nuts at all! he gives all males a bad name! why, just why in the hell would do some dumb sh*t like that? i hope he's sterile!:@
Archangel (13 years ago)
I like how he freaked out when the shooter aimed at his stomach... "oh no! Don't shoot my stomach, aim someplace more reasonable, like... my balls."
wce (13 years ago)
lol, i guess but ouch, straight up saying to god "PLEASE DO NOT EVER LET ME HAVE KIDS"
teachR22 (13 years ago)
Think of it this way, maybe he wants a penis enlargement and thought that he could do it by making it swell up.
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