Deadly Accident

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ipwisip (4 months ago)
uyuxotoqecota (4 months ago)
ogonoyoguran (4 months ago)
joemamma22 (11 years ago)
the guy who died was Edgar Ponce and he was actualy mexican. while filming a promotional video for the male dancer production of "Solo Para Mujeres" (For Women Only), in Mexico City's "Periferico" (outer concentric expressway) on a sports motorcycle with other fellow performers, as speeding automobile slammed him an another rider from behind, hurtling Edgar together with his motorcycle. None of the riders were wearing safety equipment, including helmets. Edgar died the morning after the accident.
Alogia2004 (11 years ago)
Reminds me of my crash:o watchin these ones gives me the creeps
scrub (12 years ago)
yea that is actually happened in mexico.the guy that was in the car was drunk but the guys on motorcycles were going slow shooting a video on a highway similar to the autobahn
luckyizzy420 (12 years ago)
OMG!! How sad:( That is pittiful. :(:o
SEVASTIANOS (12 years ago)
they were shooting a commercial without permission.An actor died.He was from brazil i think
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