Running from the cops

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User Comments
rob02k7 (10 years ago)
thats gota hurt
mattfunk56 (10 years ago)
pity youngsters..they didnt live long enough to enjoy their life
HRKING (11 years ago)
I saw that to they were bad people but i feel sorry for em:(
swft95701 (12 years ago)
This clip is from Worls Wildest Police Videos. There are two teenagers in the truck running away from the police after being caught shoplifting. At times they were doing well over 100mph. The police had asked them to stop many times, but of course they didn't. The boy was 18, the girl 16 I think. I do know they were 18 or younger. They both died instantly from driving in front of the Semi truck. You cant see it in the clip, but on the show, you can see the cab area of the truck get crushed into a space of about 3ft wide.
funky dude (12 years ago)
i think the clip is in a program they said the driver was killed in the collision:(
andy05 (13 years ago)
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