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SMOOTH RAC3R (13 years ago)
atleast tha music was good...and i think thas a good point u made lonewolf
funky dude (13 years ago)
in denmark where i live you get a ticket at 6000$ for happy slapping :(:(
luckyizzy420 (13 years ago)
HAHA I thought it was pretty funny. You know it was all put together, and if they want to do that to make the public laugh..then...well....go for it! I never will though, but ill watch it..lol.
saughtvol (13 years ago)
Ahh, the sweet memories of high school. This really brings me back to my freashman year.
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
Not funny? Hmmm, perhaps that is why the category is listed as "crazy" instead of "funny". If you want only funny, click the "more funny" in the upper right of a video listed as "funny" and you will only see funny ones. Otherwise, enjoy the videos from all categories. B)
bigcassey (13 years ago)
What a bunch of Wankers!!!!! THEY SHOULD GET A LIFE!!!! ARSEHOLES!!! Not Funny at all!!!!
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