Pat Tillman Tribute

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User Comments
ratmanjr (9 years ago)
who would want pat dead?...
sox_fan001 (12 years ago)
god bless you jason, pat, and jasons cousin
Sk8erOrDie (12 years ago)
Pat Tillman is one of the greatest people that ever lived. A true american who loved his country. A money who had much to live for, and much to look forward for. He gave what he had for our country. Jason I thank you cousin,Pat, and who ever else is in there fighting for our country. Thank you for posting this.
ripcurL (13 years ago)
....... a true hero.....god bless your soul pat tillman :(
SEVASTIANOS (13 years ago)
very good.may god rest his soul
rathergoodbloke666 (13 years ago)
i'v never herd of him before but he was a legend and a half That was deep man
eaglefight (13 years ago)
i thank God for people like your cousin, jason. if it wasn't for people like clint or pat, the world would be a far worse place no matter what some people say. for what it's worth, thank you!!
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
I received it from Chris Valentine, the guy who put it was an honor to post this video.
jasonhackwith (13 years ago)
Thank you so for posting that. My cousin was killed in Afghanistan last month. Like Pat Tillman, Clint also turned down returning to the States when he was offered the possibility... because his unit would have returned to Afghanistan without an experienced officer. It is good, in this cynical day and age, to be reminded that there still are people out there who are willing to give everything.
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