Drop It Like It's Hot

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User Comments
LoneWolf (13 years ago)
Hey sss, it is not cool to wish people dead. :o
sss (13 years ago)
that was so gay whoever made that should die
rathergoodbloke666 (13 years ago)
he is such an idiot but near the with the gun that was so funny:D:D:D
marleena_9 (13 years ago)
That was really funny. Yo, some people have a lot of balls. I could never do that sh*t and put it on the internet. I give him props.:p:D:D
Kriminal (13 years ago)
What an idiot:@
DezrtAngel (13 years ago)
That was so stupid....but I have to admit that I busted up laughing! :)
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